ZAHN :Soon after leaving his village to embark on a vision quest, the Barbarian called Zahn is ambushed by the dreaded Harpy Men. He nearly perishes at their hands, but is rescued by a mysterious Genie. Months later, he awakens atop Mount Surazule with no memory of his past, and finds that he possesses strange new powers. The fate of Varda lies in his hands and Zahn must use his powers to seek out and destroy a great evil that threatens his beloved homeland.
        THE LAND OF VARDA :A place where sword and sorcery rule supreme, Varda is a vast world that is mostly uncharted, even by its own inhabitants. Its various explored regions vary greatly from one another. From hot tropical climates to frigid wastelands, Varda can be a harsh place, wrought with strange beasts and peril. Vardan civilization dwells in the Grathos region, which is nestled between Varda's highest peak. Mount Surazule and the great unexplored regions of Lamuzurr. Pew have dared to venture into Lamuzurr, and none who has has ever returned. It is said that beyond Lamuzurr lies the end of the world, and that unimaginable horrors wait there to someday engulf all of Varda.
        JONAH : The most beautiful man Zahn has ever laid eyes on, Jonah is physically perfect in every way. He earns his living as an exotic dancer in a tavern in the township of Pennloap. Zahn is immediately attracted to him and is surprised to learn that Jonah already knows him. Does Jonah hold the key to Zahn's past? Only time will tell.

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